August 13, 2018 | Paul Campbell
I want to take a moment of your time today to explain why Zillow is both a really good service and a poor one as well.

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Unlike many of my fellow real estate agents, I am not a complete Zillow hater. I understand that they provide a really good service to the home buying and selling community. However, I also think that it is important that everybody knows what Zillow is and isn't.

Zillow is a snapshot or a summary. They are great at compiling a lot of data and putting it in front of a consumer. Zillow isn't individually fine-tuned to your specific property or needs.

For example,  the margin of error for Zillow's property value estimates can be anywhere from 8% to 13%. That's not to say that it isn't a decent place to start, just don't rely on it entirely.

"Zillow isn't individually fine-tuned to your specific property or needs."
Also, Zillow has the tendency to keep property information on their website that is not up to date. This probably isn't because of quality issues but instead because there is so much data that is being uploaded from so many sources. It can't be easy to sort through all the data to keep it 100% accurate.

A more accurate option that you can visit is: Here you will find immediate information about our market.

If you have any questions about your profile on Zillow or you think that it is off, please feel free to give us a call. We can show you a few tricks on Zillow to help adjust it so people can understand it better. Of course, we can also do an individual analysis about your house and let you know what we think. No matter what you need, we look forward to speaking with you soon.


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